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"Each amp I build is a work of art: well designed, neatly built, and a masterpiece in its own right. If I don't like something, I change it. Tone, Quality and Simplicity of Operation were my three main goals and I feel very happy about the outcome. These amps are not clones or copies but original designs based on years of testing and experimenting."

Frank Matunas
Designer, Builder - Justin Guitar

What makes a Pennington™ tube amplifier unique is the careful "mix" of selected components, original designs, hand built transformers, and superb construction techniques. These blend together to produce a product with much sought after tone that's designed to last a lifetime.

Our amps are fun to play. It's a snap to dial in your own sound. We've taken some of the best concepts, added a little modern ingenuity, and developed one of the best constructed and best sounding amplifiers on the market today. The sensitivity is immediately apparent, allowing the guitarist a new level of playing experience. Everything seems to come alive inspiring the player to new levels of creativity.

You'll also see that we are very competitively priced considering these are top quality, hand built amplifiers proudly made in the USA. There's no reason why you can't buy a great amplifier at a reasonable price!

……tonal quality that sets them apart from the rest…………..



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